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Our free Facebook proxy makes it easy for you to unblock Facebook from anywhere in the world.
We use a super-fast and secure cloud-based server to ensure optimal speed and uptime, 24/7
Our unblock Facebook proxy is the fastest way to use Facebook everywhere it's restricted.

Not getting a good result? We're hearing that Facebook is making it difficult to access the site with proxies. And even if proxy users do get through, the connection is often too slow or unreliable. The big sites like Facebook are just getting too advanced for proxies. To unblock these sites you need a VPN.

Here's our post about Why A VPN Is Better Than A Web Proxy For Unblocking Facebook.

Our Free Web Proxy Lets You:

Unblock Facebook

Our free unblock Facebook proxy lets you access Facebook when it's blocked at school, work, or elsewhere. This is a free service to use online and is mobile ready.

Unblock YouTube

Our fast YouTube proxy lets you watch blocked YouTube videos no matter where you are. The service is very fast and free to use.

Unblock Websites

Our fast and free web proxy server lets you access many blocked websites at school or work. Save this website and use it for all your private browsing.