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We hope that our free web proxy will let you unblock websites from school, work, or anywhere else sites are restricted. We use a very fast cloud server to offer you a proxy that is unparalleled online. This is the fastest free website proxy, letting you instantly unblock sites from anywhere in the world.

Not getting a good result? Many of the most popular sites/services, like Netflix and BBC, can't be unblocked with proxy. And even if they do get unblocked, we are hearing that the connection is too slow or unreliable. The big sites are just getting too advanced for proxies. To unblock these sites you need a VPN. To learn more about the difference between a proxy and a VPN, here's our post on Why A VPN Is Better Than A Proxy For Unblocking Sites.

Our Free Web Proxy Lets You:

Unblock Facebook

Our unblock Facebook proxy lets you access Facebook when it's blocked at school or work. This is a free service to use online and is mobile ready.

Unblock YouTube

Our fast YouTube proxy lets you watch blocked YouYube videos from any part of the world. The service is very fast and free to use.

Unblock Websites

Use our fast and free web proxy server to access many blocked websites from anywhere. Bookmark our site and use it for all your private browsing needs.

Note: If proxy isn't working to unblock a site, then you need to use a more advanced tool called a VPN to get access. Unblock sites now with VPN.